Monday, July 14, 2008

Shame on The New Yorker

At first when I saw this picture I was not sure what to make of it but as I began to look into the fact that The New Yorker actually made this their cover I became slightly enraged. Is this really where we are at in our current state that we can make political jokes about a very lame 9/11 Osama Bin Laden / Barack Obama connection. I understand that this should be so smart as to be funny, as though we are all ready to laugh at the stupidity of the connection that many try to make between the two, but I am certain that this was ill timed and in poor taste. I do not pretend to understand the intentions of all but I do believe myself to be educated enough to understand the difference between satire and down right tackiness.

I hope that many people see this cover and rather than feel intrigued just keep walking.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 6: Better Yet

Being that it is a Saturday and all I would normally have woken up, made some coffee and had a couple of Eggo waffles. Instead I got up ran the Saturn over to the dealership to have them work on some junk and stopped at the Jamba Juice for breakfast and then came home. After a leasurely morning nap, I awoke at lunch and had a veggie corn dog and three veggie bites that have spinach and artichoke in them. And when I would normally be feeling all sluggish and bloated after eating I am feeling great! If it were not for the fact that the results speak for themselves I would not have lasted to the sixth day. I like that I am feeling good and if I am not mistaken I have lost a little weight as well.

Now I won't lie a big Diet Dr. Pepper would be heavenly, but the water and lemon sitting next to me will suffice for now.

To each and all have a great day of cheese, bread and most likely alcohol and I will have what I call pretty close to nothing in the way of fun day as well!

PS - We are going to dinner at Buca Di Beppo tonight, not sure what I will be able to have there, so wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 3: Not so easy!

Well even though I woke up with a slightly smaller headache today then I had in previous days, today was a little bit harder. I found myself craving bread and cheese and a diet dr. pepper like you would not know. But since I have made a commitment of sorts to this process I had my leftover grilled veggies and tofu that I had for dinner last night for lunch today. It was good and with loads of salt the best thing that I could have hoped to have, besides a Big Mac.

I know that I am discovering much about myself and my habits where food is concerned and though it has been tough I am appreciate of the 3 pounds I have lost and the new found knowledge I have acquired. I like that I have to think about the food I am about to eat and that allows me to make smart, concious decisions about what I am putting into my body.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Someone get me a SODA stat!

Hardest part of today, besides the monster cramps that sent me home from work at 3pm today, was the lack of caffiene. I don't think that going off of the caffiene cold turkey like this was good for my system and furthermore I want a Coke Zero so bad that I can taste it.

I had granola cereal with almonds and soy milk for breakfast, that was interesting to say the least. Then for lunch I had spinach salad with yellow peppers, tomatoes and salsa dressing. And for dinner, since I was not feeling all that hot and into making a full on meal, I had butternut squash soup and some edamame.

Now I would like some ice cream, or even a sugar-free popsicle would suffice, but there are none of those to be had, so I guess I will make due with more water. Yummy.

I hope that this passes soon, otherwise this is going to be the longest 21 days of my life or the shortest if I cannot make it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vegan Shopping

In the spirit of the cleanse I stopped off at the Trader Joes on the way home from dinner to pick up a couple of items to help aide me in the days ahead. Lets just say that you have to be pretty damn creative to cut out all the "bad" (ie-good) stuff. I bought some tofu (not sure what I am going to do there), frozen veggies, ready to eat brown rice with mushrooms, soy milk (without sugar), kashi cereal (still not sure if that falls under this cleanse as okay) and a lot of salad. The funny thing is that I was totally thinking that it was going to be a huge amount of money to buy stuff to compensate for the food that I already have in the fridge but cannot eat and it ended up at $25, which included Paul's eggs. I guess when you take out all the BAD stuff i.e.-soda, booze, bread, cheese and meat, the rest is pretty cheap.

At least there is a high point to this so far... the $ savings!

Oprah I am going to make you proud.

Oprah's 21 Day Cleanse

For whatever reason I have been intrigued by Oprah's 21 Day Cleanse, that I believe she just completed. Not knowing anything about it I decided to do some research and see what this whole thing was about. Well I am not certain what person dreamt this whole thing up but apparently the idea is that you are to go without caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten, and animal products for 21 days. Though at first glance I thought that the alcohol part was going to be the one thing that concerned me the most, I began to realize that everything on that list would be so terribly difficult to give up. I cannot even imagine what it is that you would eat and consume for 21 days, and worse yet would you even feel all that different in 21 days to have made the process worth it.

But since I am all for trying anything that Oprah tells me is good, I am putting in writing that I am going to try this cleanse and I have the fullest intentions of completing all 21 days. So starting tomorrow morning I am to begin the 21 Day Cleanse and I really hope that this all goes well. I will posting my experiences and letting you know my progress so stay tuned.

If you would like info on this cleanse please visit