Monday, July 12, 2010

Seattle Part 2

Here are more photos from our Seattle trip in June... Photos provided by Katie Aimone.

More of Seattle

I know, I know... I have been meaning to catch up on good times from Seattle but I have been neglecting my bloging for no real reason, then I had nothing to post.  So in an attempt to get you all caught up on my FABULOUS life, I am going to start with Seattle.

After Emily picked us up at the airport, we checked into the hotel and headed out for some lunch at PF Changs... YUMMO!  Nothing like a little chinese and wine to get re-aquainted with old friends, felt like no time had passed at all.  After lunch we headed back to the hotel to unpack and chill before dinner.  Which was a great time, since Em brought 3 bottles of wine with her and so an afternoon of chilling out turned into a 4 hour happy hour and a little jacuzzi time.

After cocktail and spa time, we headed out to dinner at a great restaurant, that had this amazing bread salad, that I could have eaten 4 bowls of... But alas, I only had a little bit, since we were sharing.  Oh well next time!  But I did get this wonderful shot of Katie with our dinner guest.

The next day we headed out to the Farmers Market and then the Seattle Mariners game against the Anaheim Angels.  The best part of this day, was the great weather.  We had a little bit of cold weather on the first day and it was totally overcast, but on Saturday the skies totally opened up and it was wonderful.

This was Em and KT at the first Starbucks, ever.  Oh and by the way, there are a million of them in Seattle alone... How do they even make money, when there are so many locations?  But they do and there are books to prove it.
This was at the Warf, so cool.  Along our walk, we stopped at one of the best places that I have ever eaten braekfast at, Etta's.  It was wonderful and they make their own chicken sausage, how amazing is that?
After wandering around the Farmers Market, picking up a couple of souveniers, we headed over to the Mariners game.

Heading back from the game and got a couple of shots in front of the Farmers Market and a shot of our beautiful hotel.  Such a great day.
After we got back from our walk, we headed over to Tiffany's to get a little something to remember the trip by and let me tell you, Katie and I made out.  I got a necklace, that I love and Katie got this really cute bracelet.  After all of the shopping, baseball (oh the Angels killed the Mariners), we headed back to the hotel to clean up for dinner at this place called Maximilien.  It was a French restaurant with the most amazing views... I have to say Em is a great tour guide, with just the best ideas on where to eat.

We had a great meal at this restaurant, sharing a cheese plate and then we ALL three got the Crab Cakes, which were phenomenal.  I mean it, the best.

Sadly, this is where my camera battery died, so I will have to bid adeu till I can upload the photos that Katie took. 

That will be part 2 of a really great trip to Seattle.