Monday, January 13, 2014

Ahh... January. That time again!

I have to say that I find it rather ridiculous and entertaining that I had resolutions at all this year, and that one of them was to blog more... And here it is the 13th of January.  Ummm... Yeah I am already sucking it up at this year of resolutions.  Great!

Let's see.  I have a rather lengthy list of resolutions for 2014 and mainly cause I feel like in even years I kick way more ass than in the odd ones.  I don't know why that is, maybe I am partial cause all the good stuff happens then.  Born in 1980, all the summer Olympics happened in even years (they are my fav), elections happen in the even years, I graduated from High School in 1998, College in 2002, married in 2008 and met my fav person in the world in 2012.  I don't know why, but there is something comforting about the even years.  The odds are just, I guess, stacked against me.

And so I am here to declare my resolutions or promises for 2014.  I want to read more, which I am making strides at by starting a book club to help keep that one.  Mind you the club consists of my mom, my sister and my aunt, but hey it's a start no matter what.  And I am like 1/10th of a way through the Happiness Project and only two weeks away from having to be done, but it really is the thought that counts... Right?!?

My second resolution was to clear away the crap.  Now that was meant to be metaphorically and figuratively.  I have cleaned out all the clutter from this house.  All the old clothes, the old food and the old junk is out.  I don't use, so why have it around blocking me from thinking clearly.  And in some weird cosmic twist I dropped my phone, so I don't have access to all my old contacts, by choice mostly.  So if I want to contact someone, I have to wait till they contact me.  I chose not to bring over all the old stuff, to avoid well, all the old stuff.  Last year I let situations and people ruin more moments and memories than they really deserved and this year, I refuse.  This may sound harsh, but FUCK them.  I am not doing that crap anymore.  They don't deserve the time, nor the energy and at 33, almost 34, I am okay saying that.  I am going focus on me and the people that make this life worth it.  Out with the old, in with the new... Or amazingly consistent.

Workout more.  Well that is a given, and duh should be on this list... Especially is you just saw your pediatrician and she asked when you were due.  Ummm... Yeah that happened.

Be better.  However that falls, I just need to make sure that I am making the right choices for me and mine.  No more drama.  No more shit.  No more nonsense.

2014 you are my bitch.... Well except for how you broke my phone 9 hours in, but we're cool.

Happy New Year all!