Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year, New Resolutions

Goodbye 2009 and HELLO 2010.

This last year has been marked with many amazing moments, some of which include the birth of baby Dominic, a wonderful belated honeymoon to Buenos Aires, an unforgetable trip to Las Vegas with Paul's family over the summer and offer of a new start on a career that desperately needed one.  Now though, I did decide to stay where I was at, after searching long and hard to get out of there, I feel that it has been the best decision I could have made... I was just not ready for that challenge quite yet.  Paul and I made it through our first official year as husband and wife, which was not always easy but so very worth it, on every level.  With him I am learning to be a better, more compasionate and patient person, one whom knows when to finally just shut up and let the moment happen, rather than manage every minute of it.  But with all of the good that came out of this year, there were defintely the moments that made it more stressful than I could have ever imagined life could be.  The holidays were tough, no one that knows what went on would argue this, but as always WE MADE IT.

So with 2009 behind us, I look to 2010 with all of it's wonder and promise and I am determined to make the most of what I have learned in the last year, hell the last 29.  I turn 30 this year, something that seems to be a big milestone, or at least I am viewing it as such and I want to make the most of it.  So I am working on a list of resolutions to help move in the direction of the person that I have been working to become but until this moment was not clear on the process.  So hear goes...

Resolution #1 - I will be more patient with people and with myself.

Resolution #2 - I will remember to breath, even when it feels like I am drowning.

Resolution #3 - I will work on enjoying the time that I have with my family, friends and the wonderful people around me.  They are here for a reason and I need to remember that and spend more time aknowledging this fact.

Resolution #4 - I will not be so hard on myself or the people around me.

Resolution #5 - I will work on transforming myself into a vegan.  This is something that I have thought about for quite some time and know that it will be hard, but it is the right decision for me.

Resolution #6 - I will love more, hate less.

Resolution #7 - I will actually hold these resolutions as goals for life and continue to work on them, well after the New Year has come and gone.

So with that I wish everyone a VERY Happy New Year and tonight I am off to enjoy my last meaty meal with tons of bread and dairy and all the things that Non-Vegans love... :)