Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Mister

I have been a T-Mobile true blue fan for over 10 years and though I grew up on cell phones with this service, I have been wanting to call it quits for some time.  But how do you say goodbye to someone who has seen you through it all... First calls, first dates, break-ups and so many amazing moments that even I cannot begin.  But it was time.  We have been having issues for a while now and it was time.  So last week I called up another provider, on the sly, and switched it over.  I know I should have at least told T-Mobile that we were on the outs, but I am a loser and going behind his back and letting my new friend, Verizon handle it was easier.

And so, now I am a Verizon customer.  But even better I am an official iPhone 4 owner!!!!  And can I just say, as someone who was totally hesitant and against the whole touch screen/finger print thing, I AM IN LOVE!  Someone asked me how I like my new phone and all I could think was that it was like having a lover, or a mistress, but for women, so I guess a mister?!?  It's all I think about and want to do (be with)... It really does feel bad too, cause when people are talking to me, I am really only thinking about this phone and checking out new aps or checking email or facebook.  I realize that this makes me a loser on some levels, but let's be real I don't care... I LOVE IT!