Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Good days… With some bad!

Having a toddler is like living with a gremlin at times.  Olivia is having some pretty rough moments, where there is just all out screaming and crying and no real desire to do anything other than that.  And then there are some really fantastic moments, where she is very caring and loving and wants to sit real close and watch movies.  So we are trying to live for those moments, and push through the less than fun ones.

This was last night.  Upset for God knows what reason… And this is sort of what we deal with most days.

Lots of selfies… Which are adorable when they are actually her face and not the ground.

Fun with Auntie and Uncle.  She really loves her some Katie and Rodger.  And has taken in some her more upset moments to crying out for one or the other.  Sweet and sad all at the same time.

Swimming.  My favorite thing.  Working on it being hers as well.  She does like the floaty so that is a win.  Now just need her to want to stay in the water for longer than 3 minutes.

And when all else fails, there are naps.  I have to remind myself that she is a little person that is doing a lot of growing, body, mind and soul.  And sometimes the world can be too much and you just want to cry and scream.  I know I would like to do that more often than not, so I guess I shouldn't blame her.

PS - Thank goodness we are going on vacation next week.  We need some down time without work and the usual stress.  Will be nice to turn off the electronics and just enjoy time together.