Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Time Has Come!

Well not really, but we are at ten days and counting till this little lady is set to arrive.  Which really means that she could come any day now, a thought that is not lost on me at any point during the day.  I am so excited and ready to get this started, but all I get to do from this point on is wait.  Wait for something to happen that will signal that it is time for us to move, one way or the other.  Plus this part of the pregnancy is starting to wear on me.  I know I have not been the best at this, but this last month or so has been trying on both my body and my mind. 

Last night we had a scare.  Nothing that resulted in a hospital visit, but it definitely worried me.  In the last couple of weeks, I have felt the baby all day and all night.  There is so little room left at this point, I can feel her move, kick, stretch, pretty much anything she does, I feel.  But for some reason last night it felt like it had been a couple of hours since I could remember feeling her move and once you realize you don't know when the last time she moved, you freak.  So I drank some juice, laid on my side and started the kick counts.  Basically you are supposed to lay on your side and wait to feel the baby move or kick or do anything and keep track of how long it takes to get to ten movements.  Normally it takes ten to twenty minutes, if that, but last night it took almost 45 and I cried through most of it.  I admit I was a mess and ready to call labor and delivery to have them tell us what to do next.  But she did it.  Took longer than I wanted it to, but it happened.  And the whole process made me realize how nervous I am going to be about tons of things in her life. 

I definitely think that this part is rough, with not knowing if she is okay because she is on the inside and not the out, but what awaits us might be scarier.  I will have no control over anything once she gets here, not something I think that I am ready for as well.  Maybe I am not ready for any of this, but I am excited all the same.

One random moment of last night, Moe slept by my head all night.  This cat has been super wierd with me since I got pregnant.  He bites me every chance he gets and then follows me around like I might disapear into a wall.  But when I am hurting or sad, he is there.  He even sniffed/licked my tears last night.  Paul was a little freaked out by this move, but it was sweet.  Even now, he is by my side.  Hopefully this is a sign that he will be good with the baby... Here's hoping!

Oh yeah that is my belly.  Hard to hide at this point and why bother really!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Last 3 Weeks...

When I picked the title of this blog I had in mind the idea of going over the last 3 weeks since I had blogged, but then I realized that it could also be about the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy.  Yes folks, we are in the final stretch and I am starting to get VERY anxious for this all to be over.  And quite frankly I want to meet Olivia.  It's sort of cruel that you find out that you are pregnant and then you have to wait nine months to actually get the real reward of that moment.  But then again, who is really ready to have a child in thier arms right after they find out they are pregnant, I am guessing that I was not.  Regardless we are now and the last 3 weeks should prove that point.

On June 2nd, my sister, mother and aunt threw me an amazing baby shower.  It was complete with games, gifts and wonderful people, all done up with the cutest decorations and greatest food.  I am a very lucky and loved girl and could not have planned or asked for a better day.

These are cute a few photos from the shower, there were tons more but this computer is taking forever to load, so this will have to do for now.  We received a ton of wonderful things, mainly clothes but also a few key items that have helped to round out the list of things that we needed before this little lady came into the world, such as the carseat, the bassinet, the diaper genie and bath items galore! 

The following weekend we went to part II of Katie and Rodger's wedding, the Chinese Banquet.  Part I required more help on all our part, but this one was a show up and enjoy kind of day, the best if you ask me.  Rodger's sisters and cousin helped Katie out with all the details and I know that it made a world of difference.  It was a wonderful event and we had a great time celebrating with Katie and Rodger once again and trying out new cuisine and customs.  Ten courses of food, an "interesting" MC and a dress change rounded out a really nice evening.  Katie is a really lucky girl to come from such a large supportive family and to have married into one as well.  Rodger's family and friends are the nicest people, who have been so accepting and great not only to Katie but to us, her family. 

And now we are up to Father's Day weekend.  We were able to get four tickets to the Angels Game from my work for Saturday night and we asked Katie and Rodger to join us.  We worked on the nursery in the morning and then Katie and Rodger came down and brought us the crib, which was WAY TOO GENEROUS of them, but very much appreciated.  Once the crib was set up, we hit up dinner and then the game.  Great seats and a great time had by all.  Then Sunday was Father's Day with my dad.  It was good to see my dad and spend some time catching up.  And finally after a long weekend, we came home and I took a well deserved nap.  With everything going on, its hard to find time to just sit and relax, but I really need to do it more often than I am.  We have been so busy during the week, with work and what not and the weekends have been jam packed as well.  So next Saturday when Paul is working, I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing.  The 23rd of June is going to be my day... So there!

I guess that is all for now.  Just finishing up some stuff in the nursery and getting ready for the greatest thing that I will ever do... No pressure or anything. ;)