Friday, April 17, 2009

Buenos Dias - Nueve Dia

It is our last full day here in Buenos Aires and with that being said we decided to hit up a couple of things that we had not had a chance to look at to this point. First on the list was El Obelisco, a monument representing the 400th Anniversary of the city.

After we got some photos, we walked the Avenida de Nueve and well it was loud, crowded, and everyone was smoking... So we decided that we would head over to Avenida Santa Fe for a little less people and lunch. Once there we decided to head over to the mall, otherwise known as Alto Palermo where we ended up eating at a little cafe. I ordered what I thought was going to be a salmon salad, but I imagined that it would be cooked on a bed of lettuce, but what I got was more like locks on salad with cheese that smelled pretty strong. It was not good, the first time that I can really say that here but still.
Once we got away from lunch we wandered the mall where I picked up a couple of tank tops, that I love and then we hopped the subway home.
It has been a long week and though we should totally be finishing it up with some grandeous night out, we are not. We both feel that we have seen and done all that we wanted to and with still a few things left on the list for next time.
We leave tomorrow...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Buenos Aires - Ocho Dia

I am really enjoying our time here in Buenos Aires, the people are nice and everyone is beautiful and healthy looking, well except that most of them smoke. I guess everyone needs at least one vice. We decided today was going to be a light day and headed over to the Japanese Gardens and then onto La Bombadera, the home of the Boca Juniors team in Buenos Aires.
The Japanese community donated the garden to the city of Buenos Aires and though it is a little smaller than expected, it is truly scenic and wonderfully quiet.

After a lovely and serene walk through the Japanese Gardens we hoofed it to the subway to head over to La Bombadera. This trip was totally for Paul but after seeing how much people love this team and have so much pride associated with them, I fell in love as well.

After a long tour, which was totally great we headed back to the apartment to go back and forth on the "where do you want to eat" convo. Finally we realized that the reason that it took so long to decide is that we were not really hungry and that we did not have the energy to bother with a long drawn out meal.. So we went to McDonald's and then home. I have to say it was the best thing that we could have done... So tired and just wanted a night off.

Buenos Aires - Siete Dia

Today was an early day, the first so far on this trip to date. We got up and headed down to Florida Street for a walking tour that my sister got for us as a birthday gift for me. Totally cool idea and since we ended up being the only 2 people on the tour it was even better than we could have anticipated.
The tour started at 10am and we walked the area around Florida Street and Plaza de Mayo and mostly the historical sites in that area.
This was the most beautiful church that had a great history and story that of course I will not get correct, so I will just leave it as it was a beautiful church, inside and out.

This was the site of the Islam Center in Buenos Aires, but there was a bombing and it killed 21 people so now it is a memorial site where there are 21 trees planted in thier honor. To this day no one has been brought to justice with regards to this horrific tragedy.

This is the hotel that Madonna practiced her Evita speech from in order to be prepared for filming... Even though there were only a few on site shots actually filmed in Buenos Aires. I thought that was odd.

After the walking tour we wandered down to Puerto Madero to check out the water and the famous Puente de la Mujer bridge.

We ended the day with dinner at Casa Blanca... Again. We had totally intended to eat at La Cabrera, the infamous parilla that is famous for their large portions of meat but the wait was 40 minutes and there was no guarantee that we would not be eating with the smokers... So we hit up the place that we knew would be great, and it was.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Buenos Aires - Seis Dia

I have to be honest, we are tired. We have been walking everywhere and staying up late, way later than I am used to so today we decided it had to be a nice, quiet, easy day and it was. We headed over to the Zoo at about 1pm and walked around for a few hours and it was so nice. There were only a few people there and it was great weather, so we had a wonderful time wandering the place.

We got a bag of food at the entrance to feed the animals with in the park and I have to admit that it was my idea to get the food but then the second that we got close to the ducks and what not, I ran. Scary little things that look like they are out for blood... Luckily Paul loved it.

There were these rabbit/goat things everywhere... I really have no idea what they are but they are allowed to roam freely, lucky them cause some of the cages for these animals were quite small throughout the park.

And here are photos from the rest of the zoo...

It was a really nice day at the zoo and even after only that we were pretty worn out so we headed back to the apartment and decided to make it a night in with pizza and coke. All in all a great day and tomorrow we have the walking tour that my sister got us... Very excited about that!