Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Could Not Help Myself!

I cannot help but repost this... SO DAMN FUNNY!!!!

The following was a post from my sister from an exchange between her and my mom on AOL:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Warm Hands

The following is an AIM exchange between my mom and I today.

CHEZNECK: did you hear gene simmons and the girlfriend may be breaking up
CHEZNECK: bad time for the playboy men
kmcree23: there not married?
CHEZNECK: no, but have been together forever and have two kids
kmcree23: oh i thought they were married
kmcree23: shocking he isnt loyal
CHEZNECK: i didn't tell you about my wierd experience at McDonalds today. I was sitting and this guy (maybe in his 30s) came up to me and asked how I was doing and shook my hand. I thought maybe he was handicapped so didn't think much about it, but then he bent down and touched my toes. Creeped me out
kmcree23: OMG
kmcree23: how could you not tell me this
kmcree23: what did you do
kmcree23: i am laughing so hard
CHEZNECK: maybe a foot fetish but not sure. who is the celeb with the foot fetish
kmcree23: rachael rays hubby
CHEZNECK: i left as soon as i was sure he was out of the parking lot. definitely not rachael rays husband
kmcree23: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
CHEZNECK: now i have the convicts and the pervs after me
kmcree23: wth
CHEZNECK: i kind of feel like i was assaulted
kmcree23: thats so gross
kmcree23: yeah!!
kmcree23: did anyone see
CHEZNECK: i should have told the manger i think. I don't think anyone saw
kmcree23: eww
kmcree23: did he drive away or was he on "foot"
CHEZNECK: lol. i think he was driving
kmcree23: this is not good
CHEZNECK: kind of makes me want to not go back to Mcdonalds
kmcree23: did he walk away after he touched your foot
kmcree23: i wouldnt
CHEZNECK: yeah he just turned around, but kind of kept looking back at me.
kmcree23: oh god!!!
kmcree23: this is awful
CHEZNECK: seriously
kmcree23: kinda funny though right??
kmcree23: what did he look like
CHEZNECK: kind of average, dark haired with a cap and warm hands
kmcree23: if you had a blog this would be a great thing to post
kmcree23: with warm hands- hahahahahahahaha

Monday, June 13, 2011

Being Selfish

I have to admit that I have been super selfish lately.  I am in survival mode and because of that I feel that I have been neglecting a few things.  I have not worked out in forever and I am not eating all that well either, and to go one further I have been drinking more than I care to admit.  On top of that I have not been a good friend, which is super hard for me to admit.  I hate thinking that I was always there for my gals and I have been MIA for the last two months, with the exception of checking in just to make sure that there is nothing life changing going on with anyone else.  But even that I have been bad at.  One of my besties is preggers and I have not seen her in more than a month, which is super long for us.  And to top that, I am her sons Godmother and I have not seen him in months.  I can say, I am not being a good friend.  And my cousin's aunt on her mom's side passed away today from cancer, and I have not been there for her either. 

I just feel guilty and there is no way to get around that.  I feel like every little thing sends me into a tail spin and one email or text will ruin my day and thus take me out of life once again.  And I cannot continue like this.  So I am pledging today to refocus on the things that matter and the people in my life that have been there for me, like I need to be there for them!

You heard it here first, so I expect you to hold me to it! 

I am here.  For you!