Friday, February 25, 2011

Embarrassing on so many levels!

To be totally honest, I am not sure why I am posting this, but I guess I figured why not.  So here goes...

Monday night I noticed that I was getting these sharps pains in my abdomen, that were shooting from the front to my back.  I assumed that it was just residual pain from a weekend in Vegas.  Oh yeah I went last weekend and drank a couple of meals, no judgement, it's VEGAS!  Anyways, I decided to just push past the pain and not mention anything to anyone, cause of course it was going to go away.

Well Thursday morning came, and I was still feeling the pain in my side and I noticed that I was not totally hungry and I was hardly eating anything when I did eat, but feeling full.  Not normally something I would complain about, since I am usually hungry all the time, but this was wierd.  So I called Kaiser to see about getting an appointment and they told me that they only had after hours care at 7pm and then one the next day at 9am.  I decided that I could wait till 9am, since hello I had been dealing with it since Monday, so why not!  When I went to tell my boss that I would be late, she mentioned that it sounded like my gallbladder and I should go as soon as possible.  Well I knew that it was not my gallbladder, since that is on the right side with my liver (thankfully it was not that as well), but her concern did make me nervous, so I called Kaiser back and switched to the 7pm appointment.

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but sometimes Paul can be so great.  I am not trying to say that he is not always great, but what I really mean is that is just such a good guy.  He was all about driving me to Kaiser, sitting with me in the waiting room, while tons of openly sick people breathed on us and then sitting through the urine test, the xrays and then waiting again in the sick people waiting room for the results.  So sweet, especially since we had not had dinner yet.  So after all the tests, trying to confirm whether I had a kidney stone (theory #1 in my mind) or if I was constipated (theory #1 in the doctors mind), we found out that I really just needed to poop.  Now the reason I say poop, is  because that is what the doctor kept saying in my appointment loud enough for everyone to hear through the doors. 

So in case you have not gone to the doctor before because you are backed up, let me tell you the best part... The xrays that are taken to prove that I do not have a kidney stone, can also be used to totally humiliate you, or as the doctor put it show me all the poop sitting inside me.  And let me tell you, it was bad!  I had no idea that a person could have that much junk up in them, and that I had to go to Kaiser at 7pm on a Thursday to find that out.  Needless to say the doctor "devised a plan," his words, not mine, to get me back on track.  And that is where I am now, sitting at home on a Friday, taking a really tasting laxative drink and just working this shit out, my words, not his.

I realize that this was way TMI, and probably the longest post I have ever posted and it is about poop, but thought that I had to share this moment with you all!  I am sure that you are glad you read this one through!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Start of Wedding Season

As I mentioned in a previous post, my sister, Katie and her boyfriend Rodger got enagaged in Hawaii in Septemeber of 2010 and now they are planning the wedding.  After taking some time to consider the options, they have decided to get married on March 3rd, 2012 in Monrovia, California.  And today we went DRESS SHOPPING!  Besides getting the ring and setting the date, this is the biggest moment of the whole process... And the most fun! 

Katie received an email from David's Bridal that on February 10th they would be revealing the Vera Wang for David's Bridal Collection, simply called White, by Vera Wang.  And I have to say Katie must have been thrilled, cause she actually called me at like 10am a couple weeks ago on a Saturday morning to tell me about it.  And if you know Katie, you know she does not get up early for anyone or anything... But for Vera, well, who wouldn't. 

We arrived at the David's Bridal today to try on some gowns and let me say, that Vera did not disapoint.  Katie found a ton of dresses that looked amazing on her, but she fell in love with just one.  But isn't that how it is supposed to go, just like with how she found Rodger.

Though I cannot post a pic, in the chance that Rodger might log on and look at my lamo blog... I can say that it is beautiful and made more so by the lady wearing it.  She looks great, and she will be stunning on the big day!

So lets start the countdown to the big day, cause wedding season has begun!